What Is Legal and Ethical Responsibilities

“HR can certainly confirm the employer`s support for the victim,” Sack said. “And some jurisdictions may grant victims of domestic violence certain legal rights, such as. B leave from work to go to court. But I would not recommend reporting your suspicions to the authorities unless you have explicitly obtained the victim`s consent. Reporting it without the victim`s knowledge and consent could make things worse for the victim. “For Connor, the question of whether an employee gives up a raise to avoid social cuts is simple.” Yes, it is ethical to participate. An individual`s motivations shouldn`t matter,” he said. • Be sufficiently informed of their responsibilities, rights and duties and ensure that they are properly managed • Be able to assign responsibility for appointing appropriate employees for relevant matters within the company/organization • Comply with the rules and regulations of the company/organization and comply with the rules and regulations of the company/organization and the rules and regulations of the Employees, etc. • Employees and authorities must always act in accordance with the law of the organization. Ethics is something to consider when acting, sometimes even by flouting the law. For example, a company has an ethical responsibility to pay its employees the value of their work, for example. B, providing bonuses and salary increases and creating a respectful and harassment-free workplace, etc.

This is not a legal compliance, but an ethical responsibility, because it is a decision. As a journalist, it was Hannan`s duty to discover the truth and provide a fair and complete account of the story. From Hannan`s perspective, Dr. V`s secret gender identity was closely tied to her fabricated academic and professional history. Ultimately, the invention of the putter became a backdrop for his story, which Hannan created around what he saw as Dr. V`s life of deception. On the other hand, Dr. V. had insisted from the beginning on preserving his privacy and did not want the story to be published. A few months before publication, Dr. V. committed suicide.

The author and the website had the right to publish what they were doing. Neither Hannan nor Grantland is legally responsible for Dr. V.`s decision to end his life due to the publication. But having the legal right to do something is not the same as fulfilling one`s ethical responsibility as a professional. Grantland acknowledged the difficulties faced by its editors in deciding whether or not to publish the article. And the site apologized for not consulting with members of the trans community before the story was published. For example, MacDonald said, “Where I live, there is a legal obligation to report suspected cases of child abuse. If an HR professional suspects this, the legal obligation is so strong that no one has to make a differentiated ethical argument. If you are not sure if there is a legal problem, you should consult a lawyer. “Ethical responsibility is the ability to recognize and act on ethical values according to the standards in a particular field or context. Ethical responsibility therefore refers to the responsibility to follow the code of ethics of an organization, institute, company, etc.

Ethics are the moral codes followed by people in a country, company, organization, company, etc. Therefore, ethics are rights that are considered morally just. So these are not laws, but obligations. Moreover, it is a decision of a person to follow this ethic or not. 5. Do you think it is ethically permissible for someone to say what they want, even if it causes harm or trauma to another person? If so, why? If not, where would you draw the line to restrict language? Explain. 1. In your opinion, which approach of the American presidency, Tafts or Roosevelts, is preferable in terms of legal and ethical considerations? What for? Compliance means following the law while ethics does the right thing, sometimes even independently of the law. Also think of the story published by ESPN`s Grantland website, written by Caleb Hannan.

The story describes the invention of a new style of putter. The golf club has been described as extraordinarily accurate because it took advantage of what the inventor called “the physics of golf.” And many experts agreed that he hit the ball in a revolutionary way and supported the accuracy of golfers. When faced with ethical issues, many HR professionals “don`t seem to know what to do or how to think about such issues,” said James O`Toole, director of the Neely Center for Ethical Leadership at the University of Southern California. He considers that practitioners are “much more comfortable dealing with [legal issues], especially when it comes to labour law issues that they consider legitimate in their bailiwick.” To further complicate matters in human resources, practitioners have “clearly defined responsibilities, but also responsibilities as an individual, as a co-worker and perhaps as a friend,” said Michael Connor, editor-in-chief and editor-in-chief of the online magazine Business Ethics. “These are all very different roles.” The relationship between laws and ethics is not always clear. While we have the legal right to do something, it does not necessarily mean that it is ethically justified. Others say the problem is not that simple. “Ethics versus legal is a false dichotomy. Many issues are both, and almost certainly any legal issue will also be an ethical issue,” said Chris MacDonald, director of the Jim Pattison Ethical Leadership Education and Research Program at Ryerson University in Toronto. The only question is whether the legal issue is sufficiently clear and urgent for ethical decisions to appear irrelevant. 2.

Does the fact that the Westboro Baptist Church has done everything legally correct make its position acceptable? Do they have to meet ethical limits that go beyond regulatory compliance? Why or why not? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then consider taking action, Sack said. Of course, this leaves you with a new question: what exactly should this action be? Sack, for her part, would not call the above examples “ethical” issues for HR, but judgment requirements for HR, although she noted that “I can see where they might be considered [ethical dilemmas].” Because ethical dilemmas can be both subjective and nebulous, O`Toole recommends reading A Framework for Ethical Decision Making (Markkula Center for Applied Ethics at Santa Clara University, 2009). It can help you identify ethical issues and think about what steps you should take, he said. 3. Have you ever been able to do something legally permissible but ethically questionable, or vice versa? School counsellors face ethical and legal challenges on a daily basis. Whether you`re new to the field or have been practicing for years, legal and ethical challenges can always put you in a loop. From privacy issues to record keeping, from due diligence to sexual harassment issues, a school trustee`s legal and ethical issues can arise from every corner. The ASCA provides a range of resources and services to help members overcome these legal and ethical challenges in the most comprehensive way possible. The ASCA`s Ethical Standards for School Counselors, which are also available in Spanish, are the foundation of the ASCA`s ethics program.

The ASCA also has ethical standards for the faculty of training school counselors. The association also publishes books and journal articles on legal and ethical issues and treats them on the ASCA stage for members only. .